Environmental, Social & Governance

NARDAC believes that Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) principles are key to protecting strong, resilient projects and assets that deliver long-term value for our clients. We further embrace these principles by supporting our local communities.

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Strengthening Our Portfolio

Our approach is based in a responsibility to our clients to be mindful of their insurance portfolio. We strive to implement a number of initiatives designed to make our clients stronger and more resilient. Many of these, like promoting sustainability and diversity, are today considered core components of ESG.

ESG principles inform the way we run NARDAC, approach insurance portfolios and capital partners with our clients.

Nardac supports Olive Crest Strong families, safe kids

Olive Crest – Our Lasting Commitment

Every 10 seconds a report of child abuse is made in the US. To help raise awareness and support those in our local community, NARDAC partnered with Olive Crest, a charity devoted to improving and transforming the lives of neglected and abused children. Olive Crest continue to support over 1,200 children and families in Orange County, California by offering foster care and mental health resources for children and their families. We raised over $15,000 for Olive Crest in our first charitable giving campaign and continue to support them as they celebrate over 50 years helping those in need.

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